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At long last the time has come, the baby is underway. A brave new world awaits for the mother and the baby itself. A unique and magic moment as the baby breaks from intra-uterine life into this new life, now at the mother’s world, in her arms. Childbirth is described as the worst experience in life because of the pain that comes

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Sexual Reproduction Sexual reproduction may be briefly defined as the kind of reproduction that requires two individuals as parents to develop a new individual. It is the form of reproduction that characterizes the human being and most animals, differing only in some more simple and primitive forms of fungi, bacteria and plants.

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Sexual Arousal Throught the Body Certain spots on our body can yield substantial sexual output by the stroke and who is to know it better than ourselves. Such spots range from the genitals to elsewhere in the body. These special bits are rendered extremely touch prone owing to a network of nerve bundles. Then if someone happens

read: Sexual Arousal Throught the Body

Sex and Oldness Since late childhood, people tend to share a common type of worry, sex that is – the so-common and natural practice. Throughout their livelihood, people experiment this sensation with different people and improve their performance at the same time that they grow more practiced and develop personal preferences.

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Indian Sex With the current commercialization of sex and the quickness people want to get satisfied, nobody looks for quality only for quantity. The easy access to pornography and the loads of daily-created porn

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Explaning Sexual Intercourse Sometimes may be difficult to explain adolescents about aspects of sex. When in a very young age, their curiosity it's summarized by wanting to know why sex parts are different in both genders. Later, questions start to become more complex and pertinent, and for the other part, more embarrassing,

read: Explaning Sexual Intercourse

Excitment and Sex To sex itself happen, people got to have some arousing aide. Nobody just make it always work the same way needing visual/corporal responses to feel “in the mood for sex”. There are many ways people can

read: Excitment and Sex

Amateur Sex Incredible Success Big breasts, shaved genitals, blond hair, juicy mouth and snake eyes: that is what the porn industry always tried to seek when the issue was Female Porn Stars. The porn Videos industry, since the beginning of the 90’s, depicted glamorous and exuberant girls with amazing sexual performances. Big productions

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In some corners of the world, it was used to deem menstrual flow as the “nuisance”. Due to certain drawbacks, women would have to endure during this period. Concerns would range from constantly changing absorbents to the sap of desire to work and carry out other daily chores. What else there’s to be known about sexual protection? In the past,

read: Absorbents and Sexual Protection

Although, the gross amount of sexual dysfunctions might spring from emotional background, also biological feedback would play upon the sexual outlook of ilk. By some patients who sought experts due to the complaint of sexual dysfunctions, is noticed the interference of elements like the diabetes, drug abuse and too much alcohol intake,

read: Sexual Related Pitfalls

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